cmd /c reg import  cmd CDPUserSvc_2be29  svchost.exe Configuration Manager Remote Control  CmRcService.exe
CDPUserSvc_25561  svchost.exe CDPUserSvc_2c98f  svchost.exe crhome.exe  crhome.exe
CaptureService_4e442  svchost.exe CaptureService_60f58  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_6cd69  svchost.exe
Chromium nodal  "wscript.exe Chameleon Folder-michel  ChameleonFolder.exe Cache de police de Windows Presentation Foundation  PresentationFontCache.exe
COMODO Telemetry {18AD3DFA-30C0-4B5F-84F7-F1870B1A  cis.exe ConsoleApp1  Diagnosztika.exe CDPUserSvc_3d6d1  svchost.exe
CIS_{15198508-521A-4D69-8E5B-B94A6CCFF805}  cis16E9.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_7f2cc  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_55a15  svchost.exe
CDPUserSvc_62bdb  svchost.exe Ch3ar Setup   n2bbjneitu2.exe c0dff2a4-da75-4784-a330-5d4ef4ae5389  Lenovo.Modern.ImController.exe
Connected Devices Platform User Service_e39d4  svchost.exe cmd /c /q  cmd CaptureService_24006e  svchost.exe
CaptureService_55846  svchost.exe Clipboard User Service_2274ee  svchost.exe CaptureService_2274ee  svchost.exe
Connected Devices Platform User Service_31d2d5b  svchost.exe CorelUpdateHelperTask-7205E0A72EE03F6793567CBF8422  CUH.exe Canon Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Fax Extended Survey P  IJPLMSVC.EXE

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