CLMLServer  CLMLSvc.exe" CLMLServer"  CLMLSvc.exe CLMLServer  CLMLSvc.exe\
Control Center Hotkey Service  DCHUService.exe cfFncEnabler.exe'   CDPUserSvc_318bb  svchost.exe
ConsentUX_64ce8  svchost.exe CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_64ce8  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_89203  svchost.exe
cbdhsvc_3725f  svchost.exe Corel License Validation Service V2, Powered by ar  PsiService_2.exe cmds'  rundll32.exe
CDPUserSvc_573e5  svchost.exe CCleaner Full.bat  CCleaner Full.bat CDPUserSvc_349f3  svchost.exe
Corel License Validation Service V2, Powered by ar  PsiService_2.exe Corel License Validation Service V2 x64, Powered b  PsiService_2.exe com.squirrel.Teams.Teams  Update.exe --processStart Teams.exe --process-star
CDPUserSvc_32968  svchost.exe CDPUserSvc_452e04  svchost.exe CDPUserSvc_20f16  svchost.exe
Connected Devices Platform User Service_6e7e3  svchost.exe Canon Advanced Printing Technology Printer Status   CNAP2LAK.EXE CDPUserSvc_3a8b6  svchost.exe
CDPUserSvc_57296  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_914b3  svchost.exe CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_75abe65  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe
CrystalDiskInfo  DiskInfo 5.6.2.exe CDPUserSvc_34f3e  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_60550  svchost.exe

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