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CacheSentry CACHES~1.EXE

Item Name: CacheSentry File Name: CACHES~1.EXE
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John Pare aka jopa66
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fixes bugs in the Internet Explorer cache manager. takes over the job of managing the cache and fixes a few other bugs present in most versions of Internet Explorer. More information
cbdhsvc_571b5  cbdhsvc.dll CaptureService_b2e5d  CaptureService.dll CCleanerSkipUAC - mjla2  CCleaner.exe
Connected Devices Platform User Service_3e7f9c8  CDPUserSvc.dll C__Program Files_HeidiSQL_heidisql.exe  heidisql.exe CDPUserSvc_39d31  CDPUserSvc.dll
Clipboard User Service_d142d  cbdhsvc.dll CL-26-BABA1F9C-C510-4BB2-B6A4-035EA38AC12C  setuplauncher.exe CL-26-C1123940-4931-4DF1-BC9A-10C1F22E695C  setuplauncher.exe
cbdhsvc_50126  cbdhsvc.dll chuwi  cmd.exe CCleanerSkipUAC - y  CCleaner.exe
CL-26-3A7DFF78-8C6F-4CA3-B981-43BD7B0A7D4B  setuplauncher.exe Clipboard User Service_340e55a  cbdhsvc.dll c6691a98-ce78-4154-a977-fdcbcd315dbe  c6691a98-ce78-4154-a977-fdcbcd315dbe.cmd
CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_18368c  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_a910245  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe CaptureService_43e41  CaptureService.dll
CaptureService_4ed3f8b  CaptureService.dll Christmas Task (One-Time)  by user disabled CSISAutoBackup  CsisDbBackup.exe
CDPUserSvc_22d6861  CDPUserSvc.dll CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_50046  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_458d8f0  CDPUserSvc.dll
CDPUserSvc_9790e  CDPUserSvc.dll com.cron.electron  Notion Calendar.exe Carregador do CTF  ctfmon.exe
CDPUserSvc_2ccbc  CDPUserSvc.dll CL-26-CDF50587-98FA-467D-80F0-2BFDB60FF0D3  setuplauncher.exe CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_5ccba  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe
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