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Clean MemXP CleanMemXP8.exe

Item Name: Clean MemXP File Name: CleanMemXP8.exe
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Nice little program, cleans up your memory when gets too low, you just set it for when you want it to run... but unless you have it automatically set to run (you can do it manually) you might as well disable... I would say users choice...
Connected Devices Platform User Service_4a356  CDPUserSvc.dll CCleanerSkipUAC - Сергей  CCleaner64.exe CaptureService_2655f  CaptureService.dll
Connect  nssm.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_15074a5  CDPUserSvc.dll CDPUserSvc_45d3f  CDPUserSvc.dll
cisA1B7.exe  cisA1B7.exe CCleanerSkipUAC - Админ  CCleaner.exe CaptureService_11b889  CaptureService.dll
CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_12582a5  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe chrome display  cmd Connected Devices Platform User Service_70bdd  CDPUserSvc.dll
CDROM_Eject_MegaFon_MR150-7_9_07  MegaFon MR150 Connected Devices Platform User Service_5e3f7  CDPUserSvc.dll ConsentUX User Service_5e3f7  ConsentUxClient.dll
Connected Devices Platform User Service_5a23b  CDPUserSvc.dll Contact Data_5d72c  PimIndexMaintenance.dll CCleanerSkipUAC - DeanTv  CCleaner.exe
CDPUserSvc_298dd  svchost.exe cojjpNGysmjqDYIey  rundll32 Creative Online Registration  ProdReg.exe
CL-26-C8CA4B3C-6319-42F7-B106-4EE4F28C2A6B  setuplauncher.exe CL-26-3F434B6C-2C1B-4485-8446-40B04D7491BA  setuplauncher.exe CDPUserSvc_34b2f  svchost.exe
ConsentUX_449a4  ConsentUxClient.dll Clowd  app Crazes  Toomey.exe
CL-26-D9954D0C-61CE-41A7-BD57-5414170897D6  setuplauncher.exe Connected Devices Platform ユーザー サービス_60526  CDPUserSvc.dll cleaninethelper  wscD64A.tmp
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