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For Compaq PC's. Allows the use of programmable keys on mulimedia keyboards. Required if you use the additional keys
config.ini.url  config.ini.url c54vCPoMzahN  c54vCPoMzahN.exe ColorMedia  
COM+ System Application  dllhost.exe Com.Tray  Com.Tray.exe CS_BandwidthGuard  BandwidthGuardSrvc.sys  UpdateChecker.exe CrazyForCrafts AppIntegrator 32-bit  AppIntegrator.exe Conexão Fácil do Windows - Registrador de Config  wcncsvc.dll
CrashMon  zdu5ntk5ntzjymi.exe COMODO Cache Builder {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9  cfpconfg.exe C80571ACAC206C61  C80571ACAC206C61.exe
CouponMonkeyService  auhhlzqovx.exe CASS  Wireless Select Switch.exe COMODO Cache Builder {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9  cfpconfg.exe
c3c7dfcb-3031-4994-8465-1d5399804d30-5_user  c3c7dfcb-3031-4994-8465-1d5399804d30-5.exe CrashMon  ztu4ntu5yjzhymi.exe  UpdateChecker.exe  UpdateChecker.exe c0031513-3202-4fe0-a24f-e667269a508a-1  winservice86-codedownloader.exe C:/Windows/flags.exe  flags.exe
ConverterFreeOnlineUpdt  ConverterFreeOnlineUpdt.exe COMODO Cache Builder {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9  cfpconfg.exe CDEB76B57809C9C96CE772672716E4606A11FB27._service_  chrome.exe
CyberLink Product - 2012/10/03 13:35:36  kmsvc.exe CyberLink Product - 2013/04/07 21:18:11  kmsvc.exe  UpdateChecker.exe
CIMT_daily_S-1-5-21-1764336220-2104736599-20535034  dca-monitoring.exe CIMT_S-1-5-21-1764336220-2104736599-2053503467-100  dca-monitoring.exe Cloud Client Service  isfacs.exe
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