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CriticalUpdate Wucrtupd.exe

Item Name: CriticalUpdate File Name: Wucrtupd.exe
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MS Windows Critical Update Notification. If you want to keep Windows up-to-date, check the Windows Update site
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Added by the NOALA.B WORM! Note - this file is located in the Windows or Winnt folder, and must not be confused with the legitimate Windows process of the same name as described here
DB Reid
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Are you just ASSUMING that this is the worm & therefor you are having it removed? I don't think your program should just remove items based on your knowlede only! When I reserch this item, there were more sites that said to disable it, to be on the safe side and use Windows Update instead. But were leaving it up to the users choice unless they had no idea what they should be doing. In that case, your program still should NOT remove items without some better explanation as to the pros & cons! More information
DB Reid
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You should NOT be advocating to have this item Removed Totally! You should be putting more info here & fixing your 'Glary Utilities' program to Not be so hasty in removing 'MS Critical Update'! Yes it could be the possible Worm but without more investigation, you could have users removing a part of MS shared OS components, which could cause more problems for that user, if they DO NOT Know What They Are Doing!!! More information
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Super jeazzd about getting that know-how. More information
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