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CrystalDiskInfo DiskInfo32.exe

Item Name: CrystalDiskInfo File Name: DiskInfo32.exe
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Well know hard drive SMART diagnostic tool. Not technically needed to run at startup unless you want continous monitoring and/or alerts. More information
Connected Devices Platform User Service_43d50  svchost.exe Catton  catton.exe CDPUserSvc_60c03  svchost.exe
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COMODO Signature Update {B9D5C6F9-17D2-4917-8BD0-6  cfpconfg.exe COMODO Signature Update {B9D5C6F9-17D2-4917-8BD0-6  cfpconfg.exe ClientAnalyticsService  McClientAnalytics.exe
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Contact Data_3f6e8  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_730b0  svchost.exe carkig.mlot  carkig.mlot
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