DelfiConnect  DelfiConnect.exe Device Switcher  DeviceSwitcher.exe dioeases(pgimary)  pgimary.lnk
DBSpluguin  itrustsec.exe Del9771497  cmd.exe Doorkeeper  Doorkeeper.exe
Del1720312  cmd.exe Del30709374  cmd.exe Del9283781  cmd.exe
DelTr9628390  cmd.exe DriverFinder  Program  UpdateChecker.exe
Del1642765  cmd.exe Del549326  cmd.exe  UpdateChecker.exe
Del4058600  cmd.exe doca.exe  doca.exe DelReg  Program
delete_privazer_uninstaller_at_next_PC_boot  cmd DVB SERVER  DVBSER~1.EXE DVB SERVER  DVBServer.exe  UpdateChecker.exe D3DD75A31556474465174B178AAB1DA24CF81F9C._service_  chrome.exe DeleteDir[B0B] WIPE_B0B.TMP  cmd.exe
D39EAF514DF81FA4B63869D0828412B1C2780BE7._service_  chrome.exe Del21649569  cmd.exe DriverHiveTray  
dw1  regsvr32 DelTr16863084  cmd.exe DellSystemDetect  DellSystemDetect.exe

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