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DeltTray  deltray.exe demon  demon.exe DependencyCheck  
DepFrez  frzstate.exe Desire  desires.exe desk-top-service  desk-top-service.exe
DeskColor  DESKCOLOR.EXE DeskDriveStartup  DeskDrive.exe Deskflag  Deskflag.exe
DeskMateAutoUpdate  DeskMateAutoUpdate.exe DeskPins  DeskPins.exe DeskSlide  DeskSlide.exe
DeskSpace  deskspace.exe DeskTask  DeskTask.exe desktop  desktop.exe
Desktop Alert  DESKTO~1.EXE Desktop Calendar  Desktop Calendar.exe Desktop Clock  DEKCTO~1.EXE
Desktop Disc Tool  RoxioBurnLauncher.exe Desktop Manager  DESKTO~1.EXE desktop.ini  desktop.ini
DesktopEarth.exe  DESKTO~1.EXE DesktopIconToy  DesktopIconToy.exe desktopmgr  desktopmgr.exe
DesktopVideoPlayer  vghd.exe DesktopX  DESKTOPX.EXE deskup  deskup.exe
destroyb11  destroyb11.exe DestroyTwitter 2  DESTRO~1.EXE detect  idetect.exe

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