dollar-bathroom  affair DeviceAssociationBroker_4b53a  deviceaccess.dll DevicePicker_4b53a  Windows.Devices.Picker.dll
DeviceAssociationBroker_7c929  deviceaccess.dll DevicePicker_7c929  Windows.Devices.Picker.dll DaFixTask1  powershell.exe
DeviceAssociationBroker_64ed2  deviceaccess.dll DesktopLogicalViewMode  Desktop Desktop Info  DesktopInfo.lnk
Dell Control Point System Manager  Dell Control Point System Manager.lnk Divisionskampes  Almue77.exe DevicePicker_4f574  Windows.Devices.Picker.dll
DuckDuckGo Startup Boost  DuckDuckGo.exe Driver Booster SkipUAC (rock)  DriverBooster.exe DPFXyO3  srvrast.exe
Driver Booster SkipUAC (Souline)  DriverBooster.exe Desktop Info  DesktopInfo - Shortcut.lnk Dispout  Dispout.exe
db25712f5aef4eb7b4a163e6d72d6129  Adguard.exe det  Loader.vbs DriverWizard  DWF341.tmp
Donglify  donglify-gui.exe Datos de contactos_5d0d0  PimIndexMaintenance.dll Docker Desktop Launcher  Docker Desktop.exe
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar  Wallpaper Calendar.lnk DLYR4  srvrast.exe dyfw  zhcs.exe
Duplicate Daemon  DuplicateDaemon.exe DeviceAssociationBroker_6d4038  deviceaccess.dll DeviceAssociationBroker_7b8df  deviceaccess.dll

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