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MEGAsync Update Task S-1-5-21-3768012479-409395904  MEGAupdater.exe Magnifier  Moo0 Magnifier 1.19.lnk MicrosoftEdgeAutoLaunch_83B36DA2F385C20D7F0FE58EE3  msedge.exe
MFA.exe  MFA.lnk Mysa2  cmd Microsoft Edge Elevation Service (MicrosoftEdgeEle  elevation_service.exe
Micꉷ蕵఑  Micꉷ蕵఑ Microsoft Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Se  NisSrv.exe MD64鴢왏᭡耀ily 鴬왉ᰠ耀odel鴮왋ᴷ耀Step鴨옵Ṯ谀ﷰϏ, 鴪옷ὴ谀Ϗti鴔옱⁍谀۹  MD64鴢왏᭡耀ily 鴬왉ᰠ耀odel鴮왋ᴷ耀Step鴨옵Ṯ谀ﷰϏ, 鴪옷ὴ谀Ϗti鴔옱⁍谀۹
Microsoft OneDrive Auto Update Task-S-1-5-21-27642  SkyDrive.exe Microsoft Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Se  NisSrv.exe MEGAsync Update Task S-1-5-21-2522689912-143686353  MEGAupdater.exe
Markup Hero.exe  Markup Hero.exe MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineCore1d724e7bc872839  MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe Microsoft Defender Antivirus-Netzwerkinspektionsdi  NisSrv.exe
monvv.exe  monvv.exe MicrosoftEdgeAutoLaunch_FAD74210C9B2D3BBE56391AFAB  msedge.exe MessagingService_79646  MessagingService.dll
MSI 6RF Apache Pro - Current (F) to Seagate 5TB B  FreeFileSync.exe Microsoft Edge Elevation Service (MicrosoftEdgeEle  elevation_service.exe Microsoft Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Se  NisSrv.exe
Microsoft Startup  Microsoft Startup.lnk McAfee Application Installer Cleanup (022367163456  McInst.exe MicrosoftEdgeAutoLaunch_1CCF38F688F96A193A0723285B  msedge.exe
Magazyn danych użytkownika_385c8  unistore.dll MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineCore1d73c6f71657c1  MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe Microsoft Edge Elevation Service (MicrosoftEdgeEle  elevation_service.exe
MessagingService_345e37  MessagingService.dll Microsoft Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Se  NisSrv.exe MO  muamger.exe
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