New startup  speedfan.exe Neqgqt  Neqgqt.exe New startup  avpui.exe
New startup  Win64ShellLink.exe NetworkIndicator.exe - Raccourci  NetworkIndicator.exe New startup  Setup.exe
New startup  facebook New startup  SoftMoney.exe New startup  WiseCare365.exe
ntuser.dat{ef4235b8-362a-11e2-b50e-0013d4f529b3}.T  ntuser.dat{ef4235b8-362a-11e2-b50e-0013d4f529b3}.T New startup  CamUniversal.exe nedÍ©mbkbmibbÍ­gak  MSUpdate.exe
New Application  wmplayer.exe Nikon Monitor  NkMonitor.exe  Program
Narrator  narrator.exe  GoogleUpdate.exe Nuance PDF Create 8-reminder  Ereg.ini
New startup  sysinfo.exe NkvMon.exe.lnk.disabled  NkvMon.exe New Application  WUSB54GC.exe  UpdateChecker.exe  UpdateChecker.exe Namirial Upgrade  NAMUpgrade.exe
NSP  NSP.exe New startup  BackgroundSwitcher.exe Norton Download Manager{NF2809-PROD-FSD3202}  Program Files
Network Configuration  Network Configuration.exe NTRedirect  msnmsgr.exe Nikon Transfer Monitor  Program Files

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