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Item Name: OEFOK File Name: OEFOK.exe
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OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-122339063  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneSyncSvc_6181b  svchost.exe OneSyncSvc_4a16c  svchost.exe
OffCAT_RTS.exe  OffCAT_RTS.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-420369858  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1584592998  launcher.exe
Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1578118113  launcher.exe Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1585240612  launcher.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1585240336  launcher.exe
OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-442081738  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-338427292  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-338427292  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe
OneSyncSvc_3d34f  svchost.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-355126698  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneSyncSvc_41d0a  svchost.exe
Online Manager.exe  Online Manager.exe OneSyncSvc_21cf6  svchost.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-54141210-  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe
OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-285116019  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-285116019  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-685199126  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe
Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1575922010  launcher.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-911015305  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1514993231  launcher.exe
Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1583601302  launcher.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-402006668  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneSyncSvc_39860  svchost.exe
OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-420385255  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe OneSyncSvc_a5844  svchost.exe Opera GX scheduled Autoupdate 1566650122  launcher.exe
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