punchedpunched  geo.exe PCWProtector  PCWProtectorService64.exe Plus-HD-V1.4-codedownloader  Plus-HD-V1.4-codedownloader.exe
PythonUpdate  pythonw.exe parades_chinparades_chin  Bivalve.exe PrintWorkflow_641bb  svchost.exe
PrintWorkflow_18de5a  svchost.exe Pense_bete  Pense_bete.exe Paragon Job (Backup partitions or disks to virtual  C:
Publicação de Recursos de Descoberta de Função  fdrespub.dll PowerManagement  PowerCtrlClient.exe PrintWorkflow_3955c  svchost.exe
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Suppor  wercplsupport.dll PrintWorkflow_6380d  svchost.exe PrintWorkflow_8a7a31  svchost.exe
PrintWorkflow_3d00e  svchost.exe PrintWorkflow_4b771  svchost.exe PrintWorkflow_6a9f2  svchost.exe
PrintWorkflow_151eb2  svchost.exe PrivacyGuardianStart  PrivacyGuardianApplication.exe PowerAttendant Lite Agent Service  prunsrv.exe
PimIndexMaintenanceSvc_64faa  svchost.exe PrintWorkflowUserSvc_64faa  svchost.exe PhotoShow Deluxe Media Manager  0
Piratrax_autorun.job  piratrax.exe Philips Device Manager GoGear SA4VBE  GoGear_SA4VBE_DeviceManager.exe Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Suppor  wercplsupport.dll
Podpora rozhraní NetBIOS nad protokolem TCP/IP  lmhsvc.dll PjlnJtr.exe  PjlnJtr.exe PimIndexMaintenanceSvc_3ab7b  svchost.exe

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