psv_Duo-Nix  cmd.exe PPScheduler.exe  PPScheduler.exe PrivacyEraser.exe  PrivacyEraser.exe
PrivacyEraser.exe  PrivacyEraser.exe Preferences.exe  Preferences.exe PandoraTechWLG  PandoraTechWLG.exe
Publication des ressources de découverte de foncti  fdrespub.dll PrintWorkflow_475aa  svchost.exe PrintWorkflow_c4597  svchost.exe
Project1  pwrszr.exe PlutoTV.exe  PlutoTV.exe PopUp_DM  PopUp_DM.exe
Patch.vbs  Patch.vbs Provedor de Cópia de Sombra de Software da Microso  swprv.dll podmena  podmena.dll
PSR Upload Tool  PSRUpload_Tool.exe PrintWorkflow_639c6  svchost.exe Printer Cache  printercache.exe
Process Explorer-TC-G71-TC  PROCEXP64.EXE PAG_UTILS for JLR_IDS  SoftwareManager.exe Proxyee Down.exe  Proxyee Down.exe
Purifying  Purifying.exe PowerRecover  OneKey Reminder.exe PrintWorkflowUserSvc_2fedb0  svchost.exe
P17RunE2121121121212.1   P17RunE and 1=1   P17RunE and 1>1  
0   P17RunE" and "x"="x   P17RunE" and "x"="y  

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