Q   cmd QJ45UK0sCqR7EEIZeuJOboNg.exe  QJ45UK0sCqR7EEIZeuJOboNg.exe quickstart.exe  LibreOffice 6.0.lnk
QA-de_86D769BF-6939-4FCE-9AE8-F1C8DB3C559C  Helper.vbs QuickScan  QuickScan (OpticFilm 8200i).lnk Quick 'n Easy FTP Server 2.5  Quick'n Easy FTP Server.lnk
QMxNetworkSync   QA-de_F5BF2902-B43F-4D04-BB66-6E2F79F27470  Helper.vbs QSSevper  QSSevper.exe f1f
Qv2ray  qv2ray.exe Q0JD䇙ឱ㩓耀RNAM䇛ឳ㭇耀ming䇝឵㱃耀USERPROF뫜㺈఑  Q0JD䇙ឱ㩓耀RNAM䇛ឳ㭇耀ming䇝឵㱃耀USERPROF뫜㺈఑ Q   del
qHynKNeY.CMD  qHynKNeY.CMD quickstart.exe  LibreOffice 7.0.lnk quickstart.exe  LibreOffice 6.2.lnk
qoyFsXOo74B0Z6Wi.exe  qoyFsXOo74B0Z6Wi.exe quickstart.exe  LibreOffice 6.1.lnk QiYouDaemon  F:
QQPCTRAY.EXE  pcfiXtrayhdnbd.lnk qt_temp.Hp6092  qt_temp.Hp6092 ql_ger.pdf  ql_ger.pdf
QuickAccessPopup.exe  QuickAccessPopup.exe QWMCXsddcHEk  rundll32.exe quran  
qTFySYYMzr.url  qTFySYYMzr.url QLsd1PA5E.exe  QLsd1PA5E.exe quickstart.exe  OpenOffice.org 3.4.1.lnk
Quicken Billminder  Billminder.lnk QiaoYa Shell Extension x64   QQ Phone Manager Service  

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