Tworzenie wycinków ekranu i uruchamianie programu   ONENOTEM.EXE Tworzenie wycinków ekranu i uruchamianie programu   ONENOTEM.EXE TODO: <File description> x64  ShellExtension_x64_6.0.15-Release.5171263.dll
TODO: <File description>  ShellExtension_6.0.15-Release.5171263.dll tayzf783en9x  wscript Thunderbird  Mozilla Thunderbird.lnk
TabletDriver.exe -hide  TabletDriver.exe -hide TaxOcrUpdateService  taxOcr_update.dll TouchService  TouchService.exe
TCP/IP Netstat Command  NETSTAT.exe TouchDR.exe LOGON  TouchDR.exe LOGON TNod User   TNODUP-Portable.exe
Temp64  Temp64.exe TypicalMogugo  TypicalMogugo.exe -system -token 9d5da0 Trend Micro Apex One Security Services Support Con  SupportConnector.exe
thenᦖꢮॣ耀MD  thenᦖꢮॣ耀MD tishell64_24_4_21400.dll x64  tishell64_24_4_21400.dll ToDesk Service  
ThrottleStop  ThrottleStop - Verknüpfung.lnk Time Trigger Open Sonkwo Task  sonkwoui.exe Total AV Setup  TotalAV.exe
TosSENotify'  TosWaitSrv.exe TCBServiSignMonitor.exe  TCBServiSignMonitor.exe TickTick  TickTick.lnk
Temp  Temp TWC Program Blocker.exe  TWC Program Blocker.lnk topi.exe -startup  topi.exe -startup
TrafficMonitor.exe  TrafficMonitor.exe timeReg.exe  timeReg.exe TECT棛⥅谀Ю6  TECT棛⥅谀Ю6

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