Transmission Qt Client  Transmission Qt Client.exe TactfulTactful  arapaho.exe Tugs  Cruelly.exe
TaskbarToDock   TaskbarToDock.exe Total Defense Control Center  Prd.ControlCenter.exe Tiefsee  Tiefsee.exe
time  Elkhalid T9EPHelperService  t9drs.exe t2lqmp  Cruelly.exe
tdo4a5  Cruelly.exe tndtoe  eliciting.exe TWIEventCollectionSvc  TWIEventCollectionSvc
T1k  xBR5.exe Time Trigger explorer Task  explorer.exe TouchPortal.exe  TouchPortal.exe
TweakPowerStartWithWindowsAndClose  TweakPower.exe ticket-upright  bin.exe Taskade.exe  Taskade.exe
Triton-X700-GmTaskPlan  Software_X700.exe tvi.exe  tvi.exe tcdMulti Microsoft 基础类应用程序  TCD.lnk
temp2.exe  temp2.exe tgbxelap  pspizbvl.exe TypeId  TypeId.exe
Tray app  TrayApp.exe Tai task  Tai.exe Toolbox.exe_{8C2D0FAC-01F3-4164-BEC9-8FF83F4BA0DE}  Toolbox.exe
taskmgr  taskmgr.lnk Toolbox.exe_{6755C52D-7FAA-4BDC-BD39-C17AFFA47CFE}  Toolbox.exe Title  HP_4fb40d02

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