WebManagementUser_d3b7f  svchost.exe Wolow Companion  Wolow Companion.exe WpsExternal_tiff__20230401084357  wpscloudsvr.exe
WCP ScheduledTask  powershell.exe Wi-Fi Direct 服務連線管理員服務  wfdsconmgrsvc.dll Windows 更新医生服务  WaaSMedicSvc.dll
WPProtect Service  WPService.exe WiFiCheck  PCRepair.exe WBGRGV  WBGRGV.exe
WK79RVTG72IJ6PC7ERAD  cmd.exe WpnUserService_7f2ba  WpnUserService.dll WpnUserService_8aa81  WpnUserService.dll
Windows Push Notifications User Service_2c8aef64  svchost.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_9acc3  svchost.exe Windows  Windows.URL
Web Threat Defense User Service_d4add02  webthreatdefusersvc.dll Web Threat Defense User Service_7dd12  webthreatdefusersvc.dll Web Threat Defense User Service_92f2d  webthreatdefusersvc.dll
Windows Push Notifications User Service_7dd12  WpnUserService.dll Windows Push Notifications User Service_92f2d  WpnUserService.dll Windows Push Notifications User Service_36fda  WpnUserService.dll
Windows Push Notifications User Service_3c683  WpnUserService.dll Web Threat Defense User Service_18d253  webthreatdefusersvc.dll WWAN automatikus konfigurálás  wwansvc.dll
WpsUpdateTask_wm674  wpsupdate.exe WD Device Agent Task georg  WD Device Agent.exe Windows 업데이트 메딕 서비스  WaaSMedicSvc.dll
Windows 참가자 서비스  flightsettings.dll Windows 카메라 프레임 서버  FrameServer.dll Windows Push Notifications User Service_60fed  WpnUserService.dll

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