WD Discovery Service Task owner  WDDiscoveryService.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_38409  svchost.exe Windows Defender Güvenlik Duvarı  mpssvc.dll
Wifi AutoInstall Service  USB WpnUserService_3b41b  WpnUserService.dll WD Discovery Service Task factus50  WDDiscoveryService.exe
WD Device Agent Task terry  WD Device Agent.exe WpnUserService_2eebc  svchost.exe WindowsTaskCoreUpdate  Harry
WDNA_LG  rhc.exe WpsUpdateLogonTask_17901  ksolaunch.exe wehaswrar-ser.exe  wehaswrar-ser.exe
wmaxoy  Ethiopian.exe WesternDigital_SSD_TRIM_191079801754  WINDOWS Windows Push Notifications User Service_4c477  WpnUserService.dll
WpnUserService_3b0d8  WpnUserService.dll WpsExternal_Admin Jeff_20230430161430  wpscloudsvr.exe WDUIServer  WDUIServer_WSHD USBKey CSP V5.1.exe
WpnUserService_60054  svchost.exe WpnUserService_34b2f  svchost.exe WpnUserService_6b8dc  WpnUserService.dll
WhatfixPlayer  WhatfixPlayer.exe Windows 10 Setup  MediaCreationTool22H2.exe WebManagementUser_288ccc  WebManagementUser.dll
Windows Desktop Gadgets  Sidebar73.lnk WarrantyChecker_CN77E3Q3SW  HPWarrantyChecker.exe WZCSLDR2  D
WindowsServices  WindowsServices.exe WiperSoft Startup  WiperSoft.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_56777  WpnUserService.dll

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