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Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-1494637436-3413988747-  searchbandapp64.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-729793431-718453007-39  searchbandapp64.exe YiwanHelper  YiwanHelper.exe
Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-989131715-3781770153-3  searchbandapp64.exe Yahoo! Powered rocof  wscript.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-3733171479-1590976846-  searchbandapp64.exe
YandexDisk3ShellExt x64  YandexDisk3ShellExt-1511.dll Yahoo! Powered lanem  wscript.exe Yahoo! Powered retim  wscript.exe
yDztzuUKO6rY  ooXsAjCh.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-3171042354-3630551874-  searchbandapp64.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-2508876864-993526637-3  searchbandapp64.exe
yBGDI.cmd  yBGDI.cmd Yahoo! Powered lonas  wscript.exe YzY2MTMxMzA1ODdmY  NDI0M2YzZ.exe
yvyouuceg  winlogon.exe Yahoo! Powered tocen  wscript.exe ygxih.lnk  ygxih.lnk
YjA2MmZiMTliOTBl  ZWIxOWM0YmNkODE0NWE.exe YjA2MmZiMTliOTBl  ZWIxOWM0YmNkODE0NWE.exe yhovalpq.exe  yhovalpq.exe
YY  yyassistant.exe ygujtutyhi.lnk  ygujtutyhi.lnk yes  yes.exe
Yahoo! Powered fidar  wscript.exe YunEntShellExt x64  YunEntShellExt64.dll Yota WiMAX Connection Manager  YotaAccess.exe
YzllYmJkOWZhMDE0Y  ZmRiNTE2NjY3MTY5ZTc0.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-2912586715-2686512313-  searchbandapp.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-2912586715-2686512313-  searchbandapp.exe

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