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Yazdırma Biriktiricisi  spoolsv.exe yupdate.exe-{563685F8-1A61-4184-A475-EC0EB15434EC}  yupdate.exe-{563685F8-1A61-4184-A475-EC0EB15434EC} ytdownloader.exe  ytdownloader.exe
Yahoo! Pager  'A=0 Yahoo! Pager'A=0   Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-3222550765-1753075608-  searchbandapp.exe
yykndtzzTg.exe  yykndtzzTg.exe Yahoo! Powered tirel  wscript.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-83463273-2432666393-42  searchbandapp64.exe
ybzaYWflA.exe  ybzaYWflA.exe Yahoo! Powered conom  "wscript.exe Yahoo! Powered dedem  wscript.exe
Yahoo! Powered tocal  "wscript.exe YHFNKJwGd.exe  YHFNKJwGd.exe Yerel Oturum Yöneticisi  lsm.dll
yspzwn.exe  yspzwn.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-4198557241-4221974093-  searchbandapp64.exe y-PCMonitor  yPCMonitorService.exe
ynnbbwuv.exe  ynnbbwuv.exe Yahoo! Powered caref  "wscript.exe yupdate.exe-{8219433E-533C-41AA-A48D-59BCBBB84AE6}  yupdate.exe-{8219433E-533C-41AA-A48D-59BCBBB84AE6}
Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-2611891785-2081154284-  searchbandapp64.exe yupdate.exe-{F695F46E-3DC3-4FCB-9B3C-04E39F6517A4}  yupdate.exe Yahoo! Powered leral  wscript.exe
Yahoo! Powered sited  wscript.exe Yandex.Stroka.User.S-1-5-21-4158081664-35061716-13  searchbandapp.exe yasuda.exe  yasuda.exe
Yekaterinburg.exe  Yekaterinburg.exe Yesmin Setup   ynwrv5ibpnw.exe YXServices  

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