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CNETGlary Utilities Pro Reviews from Download.com
Glary Utilities Pro Reviews
By Staff 03/09/09
If you're a home user with low-security issues, it's worth trying this user-friendly toolbox of optimizing utilities. Nicely designed with quick performance, Glary Utilities Pro will appeal to less experienced users.
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Glary Utilities Pro Reviews
By Martin 01/14/10
Glary Utilities Pro is a system optimizer for the Windows operating system. It offers many options to cleanup, repair and optimize Windows much like Comodo System Cleaner or Advanced System Care Pro. It is a fairly comprehensive program that offers 1-click maintenance and modules that address specific issues individually.
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Glary Utilities PRO Free Full version Reviews
By Rohit Langde 04/02/10
Glary Utilities is a compilation of extensive utilities to improve your system’s performance and protect your privacy. Glary Utilities' well-organized interface allows users to easily choose from several tools. It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces.
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"I tried Glary Utilities and I’m glad I did. There are so many registry cleaner products to choose from I didn’t know which would work best. Glary Utilities cleaned up my computer so it’s as fast as it was when it was new, it is the best registry cleaner."

- Joseph Correia

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