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VerifiedPublisherCertStoreCheck appidcertstorecheck.exe

Item Name: VerifiedPublisherCertStoreCheck File Name: appidcertstorecheck.exe
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What is it?
Albert Bieski
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What is this supposed to be telling me? And why doesn't it tell me in plain English, on the main screen and easy to see?
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Well it´s easy, if u alow programs to run on start up windows make sure the certification is in order, and that the files´s are the same as logged in the database, little bit like MD5 checksum.
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AppID - Zertifikatcache
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Microsoft and there lawers conceal the truth in attorney speak and microsoft speak so you will not understand them.
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El servicio se ejecuta como AppID LocalService para que tenga acceso a la tienda de confianza de certificados raíz en el sistema. Esto también le permite realizar la verificación del certificado. El servicio AppID es responsable de lo siguiente: Verificación de los certificados del editor Adición de nuevos certificados en la memoria caché La detección de actualizaciones de reglas de AppLocker, y notificar al conductor AppID
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